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Eggplants balls

Cook the aubergines in the oven for about 40/50 minutes at 170 °. (it is possible to boil for 15 minutes, already peeled) , peel and drain. After adding all the ingredients: salt, pepper, garlic, chopped parsley (or basil), breadcrumbs, smoked cheese, Parmesan cheese and 1 egg. Mix well. It must be smooth and dry. […]

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Stuffed pepper

Stuffed pepper Wash the pepper and deprive them of the top, but be careful not to break it because it serves to cover. prepare the stuffing with bread moist, chopped green olives, capers, pepper, fried eggplant, salt, egg, smoked cheese, parmesan cheese, chopped parsley, chopped basil and salt. Stuff the peppers, close with the lid […]

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Pizza recipe Ingredients: 1 kg of flour (we use the 00, but there are those who use the 0, known as Manitoba, but I have a feeling that come out like plastic) 7/8g yeast 30 g salt a teaspoon of sugar (to help the leavening) 500/600 grams of water 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. […]

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Parmigiana – Eggplant with tomatoes and mozzarella Recipe for about 8/10 people Ingredients Eggplants Salt Tomatoes Garlic Take about 5/6medium-sized eggplants. cut into long thin strips and fry in olive oil. For tomato, we always recommend fresh tomatoes (or cherryor plum tomatoes), cut into small pieces and cookfor about 10 minutes in a pan with […]

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Lemon chicken

Lemon chicken Recipe for about 8/9 people. Ingredients Put the pieces of chicken (preferably thigh and rear thigh) to marinate in a large bowl with the following ingredients: juice of 5 lemons 3 cloves of garlic cut in half a sprig of rosemary a glass of white wine a pinch of oregano salt Let them […]

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Tiramisu with lemon

30 minutes 10/12 people ingredients: 4 eggs 120g of sugar 500g mascarpone 500g of cream 2 lemons 800 g ladyfingers For the syrup 2/4 of water Quarter of limoncello 130g of sugar (but can vary according to taste) peel of a lemon recipe: Whip the cream, which must be very cold and store in the […]

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Eggplant with chocolate

Eggplant with chocolate Recipe for 10 /12 people . Ingredients 6 eggplant 2 eggs 4/5 tablespoons of flour 1 pinch of cinnamon 1 pinch of salt 200 g of cocoa 250 g of sugar 200 g of dark chocolate   For the decoration Limoncello (or anise ) Amaretti  Pine nuts Almonds and candied fruit   […]

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Handmade Scialatielli pasta

Scialatielli pasta Ingredients for 4 people 200g of flour 200 g of semola 1 egg a bunch of parsley chopped a lemon grated 150 g of water. Preparation Combine the two kind of flour on a work surface and make a mound a crater in the center.  Then put the egg, a pinch of salt, […]

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Lemon Meatballs

Lemon Meatballs Ingredients 500g minced beef (cow), 5 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese 300 g of smoked mozzarella chopped parsley grated rind of 2 lemons salt 2 eggs chopped garlic clove Preparation Mix and blends all the ingredients. Then make into balls and fry them evenly in plenty of extra virgin olive oil until browned. Once […]

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