Lemon tiramisu in small cups

Ingredients for 4 helpings

250 gr of mascarpone cheese
2 eggs
3 spoons of sugar
200 gr of cream
2 organic lemons

Wet syrup for sponge fingers:
250 gr of water
80 gr of sugar
1 small glass of limoncello


Beat the eggs with the sugar. Combine the mascarpone and the whipped cream gently. Grate the lemon peel and mix everything gently.
Place the water and sugar on the fire, as soon as it boils turn off and add the small glass of limoncello. Quickly wet the sponge fingers in the freshly prepared syrup and place 1 wet sponge finger in the glass (or cup) chosen.
Cover with plenty of cream, and decorate with fresh or dried fruit, or chocolate and so on.
Refrigerate until consumption.

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