Protect our land together

Our land is the most precious gift we have received. Every day, for 6 generations, we take care of it, we promote it and we work it to have lush fruits, without forgetting to protect it.

How? Carrying on certified organic agriculture (ICEA) and pursuing artisanal processes and sustainable production, avoiding CO2 emissions as much as possible. In order to preserve the unique characteristics and qualities of the Sfusato amalfitano, moreover, in 2002 we have been the promoters of the Consortium for the Safeguarding of the Amalfi Lemon PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).

Safeguarding our region is the most important reason why you do not allow to to reach the lemon groves by car. We want to preserve the atmosphere and the nature and we prefer to drive you in order to limit smog and traffic. For this reason all th participants in our tours and classes depart from the pickup point in Duomo square and from there they reach the Bar Della Valle in Spirito Santo square where an electric car will take them to our farm in full ecology.