Honey Lemon Experience + Wine tasting


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Not just limoncello, our lemons are the secret ingredient of many other products, and one of these is our locally-produced honey. Let yourself be guided into the world of beekeeping and make your day magical with an extra touch of taste. Your walk in the shade of the lemon groves will have an even more special taste with a glass of wine in your hands.

Your walk in the shadew of lemon groves will have a even more special flavor with a glass of wine in your hands. Visit our lemon groves, enter the world of beekeeping, discover how lemon is used in the production of limoncello and honey and taste 6 different wines of excellent quality from the best cellars of the Amalfi Coast.

Complete your tasting tour of the Amalfi Coast by choosing the Honey Lemon Experience + Wine Tasting. During the tour you can visit the beehives, our museum of rural culture Art and Crafts, our farm.

Enjoy all the typical flavors of this land that you will want to take with you. Discover the details of the Lemon Tour.