Honey Lemon Experience + Wine tasting


Available only on private and on request. Upon receipt of your request we will confirm the availability within 24h.



Our family for years dedicated to the cultivation , production and processing of our gold: The sfusato Amalfitano. Our lemon has been recognized as the best lemon in the world and it has many beneficial properties.

First we will take a walk in our lemon trees, where you can admire the beauty and history. The lemon tour lasts approximately 1 hour.

After the tour there will be a visit to our museum of peasant and limoncello

You will taste up to 6 kinds of differents wines, all from the Amalfi Coast and only from the best wineries, tasting also local products, lots of wine and fun….

The day lasts about 5/6hours , but we are very flexible in that, if you like to entertain even at the end of the course, in our wonderful garden, you can do.