Lemon tour + Private Cooking class


Daily availability, departing at 16.00 from Piazza Duomo, duration about 5h 30 (min 2 – max 15 people)



Our family for years dedicated to the cultivation , production and processing of our gold: The sfusato Amalfitano. I do not know if you know but our lemon has been recognized as the best lemon in the world, many beneficial properties. For this reason we have created this project for Mediterranean cooking class made with lemon.

The cuisine is simple, but tasty and our motto is: if you do not cook, you do not eat. This means that you will do everything in our cooking class.

The day will be:

First we will take a walk in our lemon trees, where you can admire the beauty and history. The lemon tour lasts approximately 1 hour.

Then the course.  Call it cooking class is an understatement because it is a real experience where we cook and eat… we will have fun.

At the end there will be a visit to our museum of peasant and limoncello

The day lasts about 5/6hours , but we are very flexible in that, if you like to entertain even at the end of the course, in our wonderful garden, you can do.

For each cooking class we propose always a first (that is usually hand made pasta), second,  side coureses,  and dessert (water and wine and coffe and limoncello included).

All other dishes are surprises.