Lemon tour + Wine tasting


Available only on private and on request. Upon receipt of your request we will confirm the availability within 24h.

Duration: The day lasts about 5/6hours



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The Amalfi Coast is a generous land that has offered products of excellence for centuries. One of these is the Sfusato Amalfitano, the typical Amalfi lemon, but not only that. Even wines with a unique character are produced here and appreciated all over the world.

Those who come to us and taste all the typical products of our territory in a characteristic location like few others, fall in love with them.

Combine your lemon tour with the tasting of six excellent quality wines from the best wineries of the Amalfi Coast, choosing the Lemon Tour + Wine Tasting.
Discover all the typical flavors of this land and live a day in contact with nature and authenticity.

In addition to the tour among the lemon groves, you can visit the Museum of Rural Cultere Arts and Crafts and our limoncello production farm.

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